myMCS Dashboard

Monitor your organisation’s performance

As a manager you have a multitude of responsibilities, are often under time pressure and need to cope with constant economic change. That is why up-to-date, accurate and relevant high-level reporting is an important contributor to making the most out of your business. However too many managers are confronted with an overload of data or with information they don’t actually need.

A dashboard gives you relevant information about every aspect of your responsibilities without overwhelming you with too many details. All this is achieved through one single environment, eliminating the necessity of switching between different reports coming from a variety of sources.

Be in control

A dashboard is a management tool used for measuring performance and compliance with business objectives in your organisation. It quickly provides you information about what is happening, using gauges, meters, indicator lights, etc. With this set of metrics you see at a glance if targets are met. As a consequence you have a more accurate and transparent view of the organisation and you will be able to react quickly to emerging issues before they escalate.

Dashboards can be designed for many goals, such as displaying turnover, financial figures, the occupancy rate of a meeting room or the ‘time to solve’ of helpdesk tickets. Objective facts become available, by for example evaluating SLAs with your suppliers.

You can clearly check whether the targets for a certain period were reached. If you need more in-depth data about a deviation, you easily drill down to the piece of information that is the source of the unusual value (management by exception), a swift and painless action.

When using traditional reporting, you work with all kinds of reports in different formats from various sources. Now all data is conveniently centralised and shown together. No need to plough through many documents. It enables you to focus on decision making rather than manually collecting data and issuing reports. As a result you have an overview of your entire organisation at hand.

myMCS Dashboard is a web module that puts you in control of your processes and ultimately allows you to achieve a higher level of efficiency. You can easily concentrate on continually improving your processes and procedures. By having a permanent view of the business situation you are able to identify troubled areas and to take appropriate measures.

Data is extracted from the myMCS database or any other database. Since it is a web module, you access the application in a secure manner from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

Dashboard types

Dashboards can be used on three levels:

  • Operational level: Focus on real-time data monitoring of specific processes
  • Tactical level: Focus on analysis of specific processes or services
  • Strategic level: Focus on strategic objectives – Based on balanced scorecards

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics you use to assess your organisation’s compliance with business goals. Dashboards are a very convenient way for representing KPIs. This enables you to monitor all important performance parameters at once. At all times you are aware whether a KPI deviates from a pre-determined target. It allows you to focus on the big picture, instead of wading through an overload of detailed data.


You won’t find a faster tool for your reporting needs. Everyone understands indicators such as gauges and stoplights; green means ‘good’, yellow means ‘moderate’, red means ‘bad’, etc. You see immediately whether you are on the right track, without having to consciously focus on the metrics. Colorful indicators offer a clear and convincing way for visualizing KPI compliance to senior management or customers.

Tailored to your needs

Dashboards should be designed with precision based on the necessary know-how. Attention should be taken to ensure that objectives are realistic and well-defined.

Too many IT systems focus on merely collecting data instead of converting these into useful management information. A first step is defining the reporting requirements the management needs. Then you should extract ‘information’ out of ‘data’. This is achieved by e.g. combining two numbers into a single ratio. These indicators should match with the needs of the management.

MCS advisors have experience in building and maintaining dashboards. They assist the customer in defining KPIs and setting up the application. Depending on the specific requirements of your organisation all information displayed can be modified and customised by MCS advisors. Thanks to the standard Dashboard components this can be setup in an effective and fast way. Users give feedback to MCS so indicators can be improved or changed.

Reporting solutions

With myMCS Flexible Reporting module you can query the database for strategic reporting purposes. myMCS Dashboard is complementary to myMCS Flexible Reporting, but works independently. They allow managers to gain more insight in their processes and procedures.


Dashboards show you a wide range of KPIs at a glance and offer an intuitive interface everyone understands. Dashboards are a big step ahead with regard to visualisation and provide important time savings for the manager when monitoring KPIs.

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